Slide Improving the user Security system of 7Dang We have implemented a user security system management so the admin of the site would be able to
- Manage all the resources and functionalities in the system
- Manage all the roles in the system
- Manage the users
- Group the users based on desired features
- Get different reports on the setting
Slide Creating a website for Iran UNESCO We have improved the user experience and user interface for Iran UNESCO. Its
- usability
- user engagement
- discoverability
has changed immensely since.
unesco 2/10
Slide Creating a website for UNESCO to introduce various institutions This website was developed per UNESCO's request so, through this website, it could be a portal for different institutions and unions to introduce themselves, their group and organizations. It, furthermore, is capable of granting sub-domains to those places so they could have their own pages. federation 3/10 Slide Creating a website for UNESCO to grant World Heritage Emblem We have created a website for Iranian establishments so they can request a Heritage Emblem Logo for their property or state. The organization responsible for handling the requests can
- classify them
- grant them the emblem
- publish the latest news
- publish the emblems of the properties
on the website.
Slide Creating a website for Digital Currency Marketing We have developed a website for a digital currency named Marcoico that helps the user
- create an electronic wallet
- conduct network marketing
- transmit various currencies
Digital-Currency-Marketing 5/10
Slide Innovating the doctor-patient Relationship We have refined and developed the structure of a website called Dyabetus so doctors can connect with their diabetic patients and monitor their health status easily. Patients can
- get medical consulting and support from professionals
- communicate with their doctors
- be under doctor's constant supervision

dr-patinet 6/10
Slide Custom mobile Application Building Service for YomoBit YomoApp was an enterprise project developed per YomoBit's (a German company) request. This service has unique modules for each occupation, and business owners with no IT background can customize the mobile application of their desire. YomoBit YomoApp's services:
- Streaming and storing
- Connection to payment gateway such as PayPal
- Chat
- Online shop
- Aficionado Association system management
- Media management system
- Data and statistics analysis
- Navigation
- Reservation and acceptance
YomoApp' features:
- Multilingual
- Compatible with all operating systems
- Upgradeable
- Simple mechanism
- Based on Microservices architecture
- Based on a cloud structure
- A completely dynamic code generator
Slide Creating a startup studio for 7Dang In addition to improving the security system for 7Dang, we have created a simple website for their startup studio so they could have a communication channel with other innovative companies who want to connect with them.

Slide Making education available for everyone We have developed a website per Nader Golestani's request so he could offer adequate educational consultancy to everyone around the world. He also wants to expand the website so he could help those intending to educate overseas with accommodation, visa, and insurance. education-for-everyone 9/10 Slide Creating a website for cryptocurrency exchange We have created a website named BitcoinEx that enables users with variety of services related to cryptocurrency. It supports all non-cryptocurrencies and users can exchange the currencies to the crypto ones. The trades are done in two ways: user-to-user and user-with-website.
• Supporting all the non-cryptocurrencies
• Exchanges cryptocurrencies to non-cryptocurrencies
• User-to-user and user-with-site trade
cryptocurrency-exchange 10/10


slide1 A mobile application by sport aficionados for sport aficionados Marouf was developed per Saeid Marouf's order, captain of the Iranian national volleyball team. It is a comprehensive sports mobile application giving fans the opportunity to
- Get aware of the latest sports news
- Read about the information of different tournaments
- Buy tickets to various games
And those who are athletes can benefit from its special services.

Applications and websites

Slide Helping to internalize healthy habits We have developed a website and an application called Hamishe that promote healthy lifestyles. This package is concerned with nourishing the body and the mind and provides the users with vast knowledge on how to enhance their way of life.
- different how-to-cook-healthy videos + recipes
- medical consulting
- health consulting
- different sets of videos in various sport fields

healthy-habits healthy-habits 1/5
Slide Helping Hotels GO DIGITAL Our website and mobile application will help hotel owners introduce their businesses and create a smooth experience for their customers. They can
- Introduce their business, its structures, and its various sections
- Have their customers reserve the services they desire
- Share the latest news about the hotel
Hotels-go-digital Hotels-go-digital 2/5
Slide Streamlining customer engagement Our online shop website and mobile application help retailers modernize their business and create a smooth experience for their consumers. They are enabled to
- Present their products and their features elegantly
- Have various payment gateways
- Have their customers compare different products
- Have their own customized coupons
customer-engagement customer-engagement 3/5
Slide Helping businesses expand We have developed a website and mobile application that can help any business owner introduce his/ her business, introduce their people, and share their projects and resumes with others.
- It enables business owners to introduce their services and products.
- It enables them to share any important information.
- It helps businesses' audiences to subscribe and connect faster.
- They can have an online shop if they need.
- They are able to share the latest news.
Helping-businesses-expand Helping-businesses-expand 4/5
Slide Eloquent Innovation to Power Virtual Real Estate Our website and application can give real estate customers the chance of envisioning, visiting, sharing, and probing the houses and apartments offered on the website.
- Branch management
- Advanced search
- Creating pages for users
- Sharing articles
Virtual-Real-Estate Virtual-Real-Estate 5/5


Slide Improving ticket sellers' experience Our software for ticket selling has identified all the challenges businesses who have to sell tickets face and help them circumvent them. It enables them to
- Create tickets with any appearance they desire
- Have customer subscription
- Have tickets with discounts
- Have telegram bots to receive financial reports
ticket-sellers 1/3
Slide Clinically approved patient management Solution Our software is designed to present a flexible structure of file management to clinics. The clinic owners are able to store and process the information on prescriptions, medicine schedules, laboratory reports, and other kinds of data that comprise a patient's profile.
Program's features:
- Completely secure
- Capable of grouping Patients
- Capable of storing all medical, therapeutic and social histories of a patient (drug allergy, vaccination history, …)
- Capable of storing Patient's visiting details
- Capable of creating various charts of the patient's health condition
- Capable of finding patients' profiles based on their faces
- Capable of exporting patients' files
patient-management patient-management 2/3
Slide Enhancing Financial Activities Our software can organize financial matters and enable users to have full and detailed reports.
- Appropriate structures to see customers' functionality
- Financial balance reports
- Analyzing the samples in various chart formats
Enhancing-Financial 3/3

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